WRO 2022
Friendship Invitational Tournament

01.09.2022 – 04.09.2022
Balatonfüred, Hungary

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About WRO


World Robot Olympiad™ was founded in 2004. The mission statement of our founders was:
“To bring together young people all over the world to develop their creativity, design and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robot competitions and activities.”

Today, the competition that started small in a few Asian countries has expanded to over 85 countries spread over all continents, making WRO a truly global event.

About Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is a small town with 13.500 inhabitants, on the north shore of Lake Balaton, sorrounded by gently sloping hillocks.  First and foremost the location of the town captures everyone: tender mountains on the north, the beautiful lake on the south embrace the town, which radiates that special Transdanubian serenity for ages. The town was inhabited already when the Romans conquered parts of Hungary. Walking in the town the visitor every now and then faces relics of old times. Ancient living quarters, old buildings, churches, homely vineyards, parks, mighty old trees preserve and whisper their messages to the people living here today.

Historic traditions play a crucial role in the life and attitude of the inhabitants of the town and of those who were regular visitors here. The town is a tourist attraction for ages and it became a so-called healing resort in 1971 when the acidulous spring water of the town was officially accepted as healing water. Balatonfüred achieved the title of „International Town of Grapes and Wine” from 1987 on.

Friendship Get Together

During your time at the Friendship Invitational, there will be an optional Friendship Get Together program on September 3, at 16:30. There will be 4 options to choose from and join one of our team members for a nice activity in the city. Please click the „register here” button and fill out the Google form until September 1st.

Boat trip with Júlia
One must live what no photograph can adequately depict! Join us on a wonderful boat trip around Lake Balaton. The cruise departs from Balatonfüred and return to the starting point after an unforgettable journey around Lake Balaton. During the pleasant 1-hour cruise, passengers can admire both Lake Balaton and the coastal sights. Ticket prices for adults is 2200 HUF (5,50 €) and 1500 HUF (4 €) for children (4-14 years).
Register here
Beach with Virág
As Nicki Minaj says.... let's go to the beach-each. Virág also goes to the beach, go with her. One of the most beautiful beaches in Balatonfüred waits you. You can swim in the wonderful Lake Balaton, play ball, build a sandcastle. Depending on the weather, the program starts with a minimum of 5 people. The program is free of charge. In case you are interested please do not forget to bring with you: Swimsuit, Slippers, Towel, Suncream and Cap
Register here
Train ride with Dorina
Lilliput, the miniature train, takes you on a tour around Balatonfüred, you can learn about the history of the city and enjoy the fresh air ride. The ticket price is 2,500 HUF (6 €) for adults and 1,500 HUF (4€) for children. At the end of the ride, you can buy ice cream or pancake.
Register here
Hiking with the head judges
Our head judges are fond of spending some time actively surrounded by nature so Ádám and Kornél decided to lead a hike in the hills right next to Balatonfüred. The planned route is not hard to do but it has some elevation differences both uphill and downhill. Expected distance is cc. 7 kms and with an easy speed it will take cc. 2,5 hours. The program is free of charge.
In case you are interested please do not forget to bring with you: a bottle of water, comfortable shoes that are fit for light terrain (no slippers, sandals or high-heels), comfortable clothes.
Register here
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Questions and Answers

RoboMission category

General questions

For the Friendship Invitational competition it is allowed for teams to bring their robots already assembled.

Yes! Unfortunately, the scoring sheet does not say so for all bonus points but at the Friendship Invitational event any bonus points will be awarded if the teams has points from a basic task. Important note: the surprise rule is considered to be a bonus point.

Due to the orientation of the playing field mat, there can be small gaps between the other bands of the gaming table and the playing field mat. These distances are assigned to the respective adjacent areas. Quest objects touching this gap are scored as if they were on the adjacent areas.

The team can switch on Bluetooth on their computer/tablet and controller for the time of the program upload. At any other time their Bluetooth has to be switched off on all devices. In these cases we will ask judges and volunteers to be more attentive to the team, check them more times than usual and report any problems to the head judges.

Yes, we encourage teams to take their batteries and charge them during the night.

Elementary age group

The ladybug is considered standing if the base of the ladybug lies flat on the game field.

Junior age group

Yes, the water element(s) can be placed under or inside the robot as well, what matters is that the water elements and the robot has to fit inside the starting area before the start.

The scoring explanations wrongly apply 0 points for this case. Of course it is 8 points for the team, because the chemical is removed from the factory.

Senior age group

The photos in our building instructions show the use of the “normal” 1×6 LEGO brick (without holes). But of course, the 1×6 LEGO brick with holes, that is included in the official WRO brick set (LEGO no. 3894) is used to build the laundry container.

A block is considered inside the laundry container if the block touches the field mat inside the laundry container. It can either lie flat or partly holded by the walls as in this picture here.

Future Innovators category

At the venue in Dortmund teams can use a maximum of one (1) liters of water/liquids for the presentation of their project.

Please be creative and find other options to present projects that are water-related.

You can show your project with more water on a video for example. And find an alternative for the presentation in your booth.

RoboSports category

Yes, we encourage teams to take their batteries and charge them during the night.

See you at Balatonfüred!


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