WRO2019 Final: Volunteer Application Form

Want to be part of something great? Be a volunteer at WRO Final in Hungary. 

General Information:

Everyone can apply for volunteering who is 18 years old or older

It is an advantage if you have previous experience as a volunteer, or if you are available every day of the competition, as well as the day before the opening when we need help with the preparation (on November 7th. ) It means you will volunteering for us for four days. 

If you are a high school student, we will certify the hours you spend at WRO in community service. 

All selected volunteers are required to attend a compulsory briefing. We will notify you in time about the exact date and location. 

WRO will provide for each volunteer:
– accommodation 
– meals (three times per day 2x cold meals/snacks, and warm lunch)
– uniform 

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Vasko Edit vasko.edit@edutus.hu

The WRO2019 International Final Hungary official website is www.wro2019.org

The Hungarian WRO website is: www.wro.hu

Application deadline: September 25, 2019

Descriptions of responsibilities:

Registration: During registration, the volunteers make sure all participant team members receive a registration package, including all essential information about the competition, their accommodations, and the city of Győr and Hungary. Good communication skills,and basic English is necessary. We are looking for helpers in this field from Wednesday, November 7th to help us prepare the welcome packages and make everything ready for the opening evening. 

Information desk: Everyone who participates in this competition, including team members, coaches, referees, or the accompanying guests will have many questions, and sometimes they will require help, it is crucial that our volunteers are able to help. Basic English and a friendly attitude are necessary. 

Transfer coordination: We are looking for friendly and energetic volunteers to welcome our guests at the airport. (Budapest and Vienna) WRO volunteers at the airport will be the first person who represents our country, and the WRO competition, that’s why we are looking for kind and friendly people with excellent communication skills with at least basic English knowledge. If you like new challenges and you are good at problem-solving, we would be happy to see you on our team. 

Accommodation: Besides the Széchenyi István University Kollegium, guests will stay in some local hotels. If you have excellent problem-solving skills, and you are confident to speak in English, -or other languages – and you can communicate easy and fast than this is your field.  We definitely would like to hear from you if you already have some previous experience in hospitality. 

Assistant Administration: We are looking for some help before and during the competition to assisting with office-duties (printing, copying and doing some errands.) You have to be precise, fast, and responsible. Administration Assistants are supporting the event organizers work. 

Assisting referees: Each WRO competition table has its own referee, where they are monitoring the competition. Assistants have to work close to the referee, help him/her organize the table, scoring the race, and make sure everyone around the table has some refreshment. 

Catering – Food Delivery: We will serve meals for the participant team members and the referees. Our goal is to provide excellent service during the final WRO.  We are looking for reliable volunteers for this field.

Location preparation for the event: We are looking for helpers to this field from Wednesday, November 6th. If you are interested in how to prepare and build-up an international event location, or if you would like to learn and experiencing the event organization final hours, do not hesitate to join our team.  Everything has to be done by on the morning of November 8th. Tables, information desk, tools for referees, etc. No experience required, but if you already worked in this field, we would be happy to welcome you in our team.

Team Accompany: We think it is very important to make things easier as many teams as possible before and during the event. Thereby we can help them in communication, problem-solving, or just simply understanding a situation well.  We are looking for helpers who speak any foreign language(s) besides Hungarian. As a Team Accompany, you will be their companion to help an support them during the tournament.

It is a great opportunity to make new friends and having fun at an international competition. 


Please provide parents, or family number name and phone number we can reach out in case of emergency


List of the foreign language(s) you have spoken

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